Monday, 17 August 2009


8 weeks Dundee FC were in South Africa for their summer '53 tour - 16th May to 15th July.
This was one of the Dee's legendary squads with players like Billy Steel, Alfie Boyd, Doug Cowie and Bobby Flavell, to name just a few, who were involved.
They played a total of 17 games - Won 15 - Drew 1 & Lost 1, and scored a whopping 70 goals along the way!
Some of the tour was captured on cine and the silent footage below is an example of what was shot in Johannesburg at the Rand Stadium on 11th July '53.
It's difficult to make out who's who during the match action but it does show the occasion very well and gives a good insight into just how popular the Dundee tour was.
Goalscorers in this game were - Flavell 3 - Turnbull and Zeising.

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