Thursday, 18 December 2008


Time for a wee break now, so no more posts till January.
For any newcomer to the Shrine who is not yet used to the layout, here's a quick guide..
Anytime you visit the Shrine you will only see a few of the latest posts on the page. To view ALL the material, go to the BLOG ARCHIVE in the green panel on the right of the page and click on any month to open that months items, then you can scroll through them.
If you want to leave a message, there is a small COMMENTS feature at the bottom right of each post, again just click onto it if you have something to say.
A big THANKS to those of you who have dropped comments on so far.
I've got loads more to put on over the coming months, so stay tuned and I'll be back in full flow early next year with another bundle of goodees!

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