Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Jocky Scott on target in a game against Hibs at Easter Road on 9th March 1974.
This was the Scottish Cup Quarters and we ended up drawing 3-3 in Edinburgh in front of a crowd of 28,000.
We famously went on to do the biz at Dens (3-0) in the replay the following week in front of an even larger crowd of 30,000!
Thanks to GK


Anonymous said...

Remember this one vividly.having gome through with my uncle and his Timex mates.We were seated in the main stand.
Being only 15,it was also the day of my first visit to a pub and the bookies,both in Rose Street ,where said uncle put a pound on Jocky to score the first goal...odds were 8/1

lastbus said...

Was also at this mid week game, also remember getting chased all the way back to train station by dissapointed Hibees fans. Was great to hump them on the return to Dens

Anonymous said...

was taken to the reply by my dad and can remember the crowd the biggest i've ever seen at dens and ever will see

Anonymous said...

I was a 13 year old laddie with my Dad at the replay and if I'm not mistaken, the kick off was delayed by 15 minutes to let the crowd in. That was a good Hibs side in those days so 3-0 was a great result. Again if I'm not mistaken, Trigger Robinson was brilliant that night.