Thursday, 4 February 2010

DUNDEE SKWAD - 1980-81

The Dundee team huddled together for a photo opportunity at Dens in the 1980-81 season.
None of them camera shy it seems anyway!
Thanks to GK.


Anonymous said...

Excellent, remember this team favourite Dee shirt apart from the sixties league winner,red socks though are not and should not be part of a dundee strip,blame davie white for that in early seventies,however bobby geeddes, iain ferguson,cammy ,sinky,jim shirra et all, but dont recognise guy that looks pissed off in the back row?

Anonymous said...

On a light note,not familiar with the guy in the tracksuit far right and make no apologies for that,but i can see gadgie casuals wlling to part with a months brew/bubble money for the trainers!


The player you are referring to at the back between the curly topped Ian Fleming and Jim Shirra, is Les Barr.
The coach in the retro tracksuit and trainers is Frank Upton.

Anonymous said...

"we've got wee jimmy jimmy jimmy murphy on the wing on the wing"

Billy said...

Yes a good side, brings back happy memories.