Friday, 19 February 2010


Back in the early 70's, when fan rivalry included the odd bout of bigotry in the banter, Dee fans sometimes borrowed ideas from the Gers when it came to singing chants on matchday.
As well as flaunting Union Jacks at matches (which was copied off Rangers), the Derry used to burst into the "Born Under A Union Jack" chant, a well known Gers song, but obviously, Dundee's version having a tweak to the wording. The original tune, by Lee Marvin is called "Wandering Star". Here below is a wee reminder of that very tune, with sing-a-long lyrics!
I wouldn't be surprised if it's outlawed now!!

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Anonymous said...

Lets hope so,remember this well,glad to see no union flags at dens now good riddance,should never have been there in the first place,why anyone would want associated with rangers and their vile history is beyond me! You only have to look back at their behaviour in manchester to realise what a nasty bunch they are.we are Dundee fc,a football club who welcome all races and creeds,thank god the halfwits have disappeared.