Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Here's a DFC player to test your memory cells - striker, Duncan McLeod.
This cutting, dated Friday 14th January 1972, mentions the possibility of McLeod making his Dundee debut that Saturday as he was included in the pool to play Hearts at Tyncastle the next day.
It wasn't to be however, in fact McLeod only played one full game for the club and that was the following season when he took part in the Dees away game against Norwich in the Texaco Cup in September 72. So at the end of the day, there can't have been many Dee fans who actually saw him play for the dark blues!
Anyone go to Norwich?
Incidentally, the game at Tyncastle - we won it 5-2!


Anonymous said...

I did get his autograph after one match.....and then he became an arab....

Anonymous said...

p.s. He wasn't really a striker,I think he was an inside forward,signed from Southampton.


In the 70's an inside forward WAS a striker.
Funnily enough though, in McLeods one & only game for the Dees he was put way back in the #4 position, a half back!

lastbus said...

One of Davie White's signing's I believe. Crossed the road quick smart under Gerry Kerr