Thursday, 17 December 2009


You will have spotted the scarf the Major was wearing in the DJ photo a few posts ago. Well here is that very one, in all it's 70's glory!
You can click the image to enlarge it if you want to zoom in to view the period patches.
The scarf on the right is a genuine original from the 60's, and has to be my all time favourite.
An iconic classic!
Big THANKS to Jock.


Shilton said...

Please advise if said scarfs will be auctioned on ebay, I'm in there!!! PURE D.F.C. CLASSICS!

Anonymous said...

Had the Dee vicky badge, but non of the union badges! Never!

Anonymous said...

Born under a Union Jake but will die under a Saltaire (With a dee badge in the middle of course).

lastbus said...

awesome scarves, 60s jobby reminds me of my old man's scarf which he wore with pride giving me sneaky inn to TC Keay end along with his quart bottle of whisky like the rest of his mates shared at half time.