Tuesday, 15 December 2009


This is the short sleeved version of Dundee's braces shirt the team wore in the 1976 - 79 era. Still looking pretty smart too!
Admiral made the original official strip back in the day, but you can still grab a replica top from retro sportswear outlets these days.
The photo underneath it is Jimmy Johnstone wearing the full kit in 1977.
Jinky was at the tale end of his career when he signed for DFC, and consequently only managed to play 2 full games in the Dee colours. I, however, saw him play a couple of extra games, because I used to go watch the reserves play too in this era, and I can tell you he actually played better in the reserves than he did in the big team. Not the wee wizard he once was, but still managing to run rings 'round the youngsters at times.
Thanks to JF & GK.


Anonymous said...

My fave Scottish player ever..wee Jinky, I am a Dee but I have always held this boy in high esteem.

Shilton said...

Whars Tam's socks?

lastbus said...

Had this strip, unsure what heppened to it.. Wee Jinky was a special player and in the folklore of Scots every where for being one of the Lisbon Lions. RIP