Thursday, 10 December 2009


Centre Forward, Billy Pirie, was something of a goal machine for Dundee.
In the 4 seasons he was at Dens - 1976 to 1980 - he scored an impressive 106 goals in 137 appearances, and was the Dees top scorer 3 years on the trot!
The picture is of Billy, typically going for goal, in a game against East Fife in 76/77, his debut season which had him bang in 44 in total!
Photo by DC Thomson.
Thanks to GK.


lastbus said...

Billy Pirie was certainly a goal scoring machine for the Dees alongside a time that big derek johnstone was making history for the gers. Still unsure why we didnt didnt get him signed up.. Derek was banging in teh goals from every where when he was playing for Fintry HS. Billy's 39 goals way over shadowed Gillies 24 when we won the league in 62

jg said...

Billy Pirie played two guest stints for my club Sydney Olympic in Australia in '77 and '78.
He is still loved as a legend and the memories he has left me with still bring a tear to the eye and set hairs standing on end.
He scored treasured goals and a disallowed goal against Marconi kept the ref locked in his dressing room for 2 hours after the match!! Fans baying for his blood.
Thanks for the memories Billy Pirie.
John Gionis
Sydney Australia

Anonymous said...

Billy is a great footballer

Shaun Mackleberry said...

Billy was an old friend of mine close one indeed got lots a goals.

Bobacid said...

I met the guy years later in the pub he owned in montrose. Great guy. Lovely family too.