Wednesday, 28 January 2009

BEST WISHES - FROM DENS kiddin' really is him! The best footballer the UK has ever produced, George Best, wearing a Dundee FC jersey. Alas, Georgie wasn't actually a Dundee player, this appearance at Dens Park in 1981/82 was for a charity match.
So, putting his best foot forward, he bestowed his talent upon the Dundee fans, and to the best of my knowledge played alongside a team that included Radio Tay's best known presenters.
Best not forget the supporters, who, taking advantage of the best of times, wore their Sunday best and did their best to get a memento of George Best, having waited around for the best part of an hour.
Your best bet to get hold of souvenirs from this event now is probably Ebay. I've read that they are some of Ebays bestsellers.
Best of luck!
Photo by David Martin - Fotopress.

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thats the "best " overkill i have ever read !!!!!!!!!!!