Sunday, 25 January 2009


This programme is dated 17th May 1972. It was 1 of 7 matches Dundee played in on their tour of Australia & New Zealand, spanning the period 13th May to 28th May. The above game, which took place in Adelaide, finished Australia XI 1 v 2 Dundee FC.
The A&NZ tour was a big success for the dark blues, winning all 7 of their games, notching up an amazing 53 goals and conceding only 6. One of their encounters ended up 16-1..!!
The stats do make it look like that the Aussies may have been a bit amateurish, hence the large scorelines, but later 6 of the players who played for Australia in the above match went on to become involved in their National team who qualified for the World Cup in Germany 1974, having finished top of the Asia & Oceania Group.
As regards the Socceroo's fate in 1974, well they lost to both East and West Germany, ( the latter being eventual cup winners ) but they did manage a draw with Chile... which is more than they achieved against us!


Gazza said...

I remember I went to see Dundee FC play at Newmarket Park, Auckland in 1972. I was going on 17 but don't remember a thing about the match. There was a capacity crowd of 13,000 to 14,000.

Tim Farrell said...

I was at that match,I was 11 then,still remember it, Dundee won 7-0, a clinical display in Scots professional football,they were class.Great memories of Newmarket Park,no other football ground in NZ, has ever had that atmosphere,regards Tim Farrell.