Saturday, 31 January 2009


There's a good chance that you may not have seen these 2 Dee players before. Their pictures don't appear in any of the DFC books I have.
Perhaps it's not too surprising as they only played in a few games during the 1913/14 season which was a rather uneventful year on the pitch, Dundee finishing 7th and no cup runs of note.
So, to give them their 15 minutes of fame...
LEN WALL was a left half / winger. He played a total of 17 games and scored 1 goal.
CLYDE SKENE was a centre forward. He played only 12 games and scored 7 goals, which is pretty good going if you ask me. I've no idea why they both were so short lived.
The images above were recently discovered in a 1913 edition of Peoples Journal.
Big thanks to DG.

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