Thursday, 8 January 2009


An ultra rare item which is now 99 years old. The Glasgow Herald dated - Thursday 21 April 1910. Price, one penny. This of course is the day after Dundee won the Scottish Cup and so it does contain a review of the match.
It has 16 huge pages - much larger than the Courier. There are no photos at all in the paper, there aren't even any headlines as we know them today, just small boxes with short news articles and adverts. There are news items on Roosevelt, Kitchener, Mark Twain, and closer to home a piece about the plans to build the Usher Hall in Edinburgh. I don't think these would have been discussed much in the Hulltoon pubs that day!
So, getting back to the MAIN story, the Scottish Cup Final 2nd replay at Ibrox which ended Dundee 2 v 1 Clyde. Dee scorers - Bellamy & Hunter.
A segment of the match report reads as follows - "Dundee, who played brilliant football, obtained the leading goal; Hunter, after a short individual run, giving McTurk no chance with a shot from short range."
The cup was presented in the Ibrox Pavilion to ex Bailie Robertson, on DFC's behalf.
Total takings were £793.
To read the above match report in full, or grab a copy for yourself, click onto the image to enlarge it.
The vid below is just a couple of shots of the actual paper. The accompanying music was recorded in 1910 too!

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