Tuesday, 9 November 2010


I already have a couple of items up about Jim Steele's playing career at Dens, so no need to go into detail again, but I just thought I'd put up this pre-curly top image of him as a young lad.
The photo was taken around 1967 when Jim had not been at the club very long and was still a couple of years away from making his first team debut.
When Jim moved to Southampton in 1972, he was a top player by then, and I remember that same year when I was 14, I wrote asking for a signed photo of him wearing his Saints strip. However, not having a clue of the postal address of Southampton's ground, all I could muster was the name of it, so I ended up just putting - Jim Steele, The Dell, Southampton - on the envelope!
It was no surprise that I received no reply, as I suspect my letter never reached him in the first place!

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