Friday, 19 November 2010


Not sure how many years exactly Maurice Friel was Dundee Physio, but he was definitely with the club during the 1969 to 71 period, this photo taken in 1970.
It just occurred to me when I saw this image that this round DFC crest he has on, has never been resurrected like other crests from the past have. This simple design is my favourite too but has only been used on the shirts circa 1970-73. There was a blue version and a red version I remember. This was the one worn when we beat AC Milan at Dens in 71, so maybe time to reintroduce it again for newer generations to get acquainted with.

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Anonymous said...

He used to run on to treat players like a whippet out the traps-he must have been the fastest thing on 2 legs at Dens. I think he also played a part in recommending Andy Gray to wee Jim,whne had crossed the road.