Sunday, 7 November 2010


Dundee were fortunate to have 3 great keepers on the go around the same era, however, this wasn't such good fortune for Mike Hewitt who found himself in the middle of, firstly, competing with Ally Donaldson in 1970 & 71, then going straight into battle for position with Thomson Allan in 1973 & 74.
Hewitt's best season was 1971/72 when he became the dominant keeper wearing the #1 jersey.
All together he played a total of 55 games in the 4 seasons he was with the Dee.
He then left Dens in 75 to play in the United States.
Not sure if he ever returned?!

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Anonymous said...

a favourite player of mine,he was signed from Queens Park and was a bit of a mathematics expert. I'm sure he played at parkhead when we got a humping in the Scottish Cup before he departed.