Monday, 13 April 2009


Along with your colours, the other essential a football supporter needs to carry around with them is a sense of humour, especially when your team isn't doin' the biz on the pitch!!
D.I.Y. fanzines are a great way for fans to display their humour, as well as chuck in the occasional serious point now and then. In the main though, having a laugh was usually the name of the game, whether it be satirical write-ups, amusing opinions, cartoons, or of course, just putting the boot into your rivals!
This one above, Derry Rumba, is dated Feb/Mar 1989, and features Dundee's short-lived manager, Dave "Coco" Smith on the cover.
In addition to the funny stuff available inside, there is also Derry Rumba merchandise on offer, with badges & T-shirts on sale.

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