Friday, 26 November 2010


Jim Easton is a name I can remember from when I first started going up to Dens in the late 60's when I was a primary schoolboy.
He had been with the club a few years before my visits however, from 1964 in fact, and kept going till 1971.
He notched up a total of 202 games in the centre-half position for the Dee, so he is actually one of Dundee's longer serving players.
The photo was taken around 1969.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Here's physio, Lawrie Smith, tending to Dee player Bobby Seith, probably around the 1961/62 period.
Lawrie joined the club in 1959, leaving Arbroath Infirmary to take on the Dens job.
That's coach Sammy Kean in white keeping an eye on things!

Friday, 19 November 2010


Not sure how many years exactly Maurice Friel was Dundee Physio, but he was definitely with the club during the 1969 to 71 period, this photo taken in 1970.
It just occurred to me when I saw this image that this round DFC crest he has on, has never been resurrected like other crests from the past have. This simple design is my favourite too but has only been used on the shirts circa 1970-73. There was a blue version and a red version I remember. This was the one worn when we beat AC Milan at Dens in 71, so maybe time to reintroduce it again for newer generations to get acquainted with.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Here's a photo of Bobby Ancell when he was DFC manager, the image taken around 1967.
Bobby was boss from 1965 to 68 during which saw the Dee play in a Scottish League Cup final and reach the semi's of the Fairs Cup.
A couple of decades earlier, Bobby played left-back for Dundee, and as a defender (1944 to 50) he notched up a total of 134 games.
He was involved in one of the clubs quirkier moments in history, Bobby being in the team which in 1947, won 2 League games 10-0... 2 weeks on the trot!
While in his playing days at Dens he also achieved 2 Scotland caps.
Bobby Ancell died in 1987.

Friday, 12 November 2010


If you think you can put this graphic to good use, click onto the image to get the large, better quality version, and feel free to download it.
Keep the passion burning and get creative!

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Despite his Scandinavian looks, Roddy Georgeson was born in Egypt. However, Dundee signed him from a slightly less exotic location, Port Vale, in 1967.
His time at Dens was pretty much as a fringe player, notching up only 13 full games in the 3 seasons he was with the club. He did pop in 4 goals mind you, so at least what skills he had were of some use.
After 1970, he went on to play for a number of smaller Scottish clubs well into the 80's.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010


I already have a couple of items up about Jim Steele's playing career at Dens, so no need to go into detail again, but I just thought I'd put up this pre-curly top image of him as a young lad.
The photo was taken around 1967 when Jim had not been at the club very long and was still a couple of years away from making his first team debut.
When Jim moved to Southampton in 1972, he was a top player by then, and I remember that same year when I was 14, I wrote asking for a signed photo of him wearing his Saints strip. However, not having a clue of the postal address of Southampton's ground, all I could muster was the name of it, so I ended up just putting - Jim Steele, The Dell, Southampton - on the envelope!
It was no surprise that I received no reply, as I suspect my letter never reached him in the first place!

Sunday, 7 November 2010


Dundee were fortunate to have 3 great keepers on the go around the same era, however, this wasn't such good fortune for Mike Hewitt who found himself in the middle of, firstly, competing with Ally Donaldson in 1970 & 71, then going straight into battle for position with Thomson Allan in 1973 & 74.
Hewitt's best season was 1971/72 when he became the dominant keeper wearing the #1 jersey.
All together he played a total of 55 games in the 4 seasons he was with the Dee.
He then left Dens in 75 to play in the United States.
Not sure if he ever returned?!

Friday, 5 November 2010


Here's a young looking Davie Swan with an unfamiliar crew cut, the picture taken in the late 60's.
Davie played left back for Dundee, debuting in 1966.
Although he was with the club for a few years, he only participated in 44 full games, his final outing in dark blue being in March 1970.
One of his career highlights was playing in the semi final of the Fairs Cup against Leeds in 1968, with a 24,000 crowd at Dens roaring them on.
He later opted for a sensible side parting!

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


The present team got penance - the past teams got pennants!
This colourful little corner of the Dens boardroom goes back to the early 60's.
I've managed to identify most of the teams on the pennants, so we have - Unione Sportiva Palermo (Italy) - Sporting Lisbon (Portugal) - Uhrik Truckers Philadelphia (USA) - SSV Reutlingen (Germany) - Arsenal - Club Deportivo Guadalajara (Mexico) - KR Reykyavik (Iceland) - Legia Warsaw (Poland) - FC Saarbrucken (Germany).
Sitting on the sideboard along with the League Championship trophy are a Lisbon Lion, a photo of the 1962 champions team and a golden Portuguese Caravel in a glass case.