Monday, 13 July 2009


Allan and Wilson appear to be having an argument as Gemmell goes over to try calm things down. Fighting amongst themselves being a bit of a tell-tale sign that things aren't going well in the Dee camp, and in this case Dundee were struggling to stay in the newly formed SPL in 1976.
This was the penultimate game of the season against Motherwell at Fir Park - the match ending in a 1-1 draw.
The following week we played them again in the final game of the season at Dens and won 1-0, but it wasn't enough to prevent us going down.
3 teams ended up with 32 points, with Dundee relegated on goal difference.
If we had won the above game, we would have stayed up and United would have gone down.


Anonymous said...

Was the last game at Dens on a Wednesday night? I remember being at a game via Motherwell on a Wednesday and at the end of the game, some Dundee fans charged across the pitch from the P.R.E. and chased Motherwell fans down to Gussie Park where the buses got windows smashed so they drove off up Arklay Street followed by Motherwell fans trying to get on the buses and Dundee fans chasing them... He he he. Maybe not. Memory a little hazey...


You're half right - the 2 games relating to this item were both Saturday games - Fir Park on 24 April 76 & Dens 1 May 76. That was the end of the 75-76 season.
The bus stoning game was also 1976 but at the start of the 76-77 season, and because it was a League Cup match, it was a Wednesday night game in August, as you recall. I can verify that because I also went through to the return match at Fir Park the following Wednesday and our bus was pelted with dockies too!! A score draw, ha ha!!