Sunday, 27 September 2009


Bobby Robinson was a classy 70's midfielder who used to like having runs at goal. He was nicknamed "Trigger" by his team mates, because of his turn of speed.
However, I remember my crowd had our own alternative nickname for him - "Peach of a goal". This came about when one of Bobby's goals featured weekly on the intro sequence to Sportscene. In the original match it was taken from, Archie McPherson came out with the phrase "peach of a goal" in his commentary to describe it, and that kind of stuck with us. We had a rather Monty Python kind of sense of humour then and we did actually shout out "Come on, Peach of a goal" during matches!! We were in fact referring to the Python sketch featuring a guy with the nickname, Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson!!! A good laugh at the time, even if a bit silly.
Anyway, Bobby's time at Dens was from 1971 to 1977, in which he played 195 full games, and included a Scottish League Cup winners medal in 73. He also played for Scotland while he was a Dee - 4 full caps in 74/75.
He, sadly, died far too soon, in 1996 aged only 46.


Anonymous said...

Great player , used to get a minter when the crowd shouted at him.

Anonymous said...

Living out here in Australia,have lost touch with all the goings on over there.However thanks to the internet i am catching up.
Followed the Dee in the 70s and was very saddened to hear that :Trigger:passed away 15 years ago.
He was indeed a great player for Dundee.

Anonymous said...

Really nice to hear all these things about my Uncle Bobby. He is sorely missed.

David C. said...

I played for Dundee University FC against Dundee in a practice/friendly match, probably in 1972, during which I discovered that (a) the gulf between reasonable amateur football and the pros is very wide, and (b) that Bobby Robinson was bloody quick.Very sorry to hear that he died so young - an exciting and whole-hearted player.

The only other thing I can remember about it - apart from my own inadequacy - was our full-back kicking Jimmy Wilson up in the air, and the Dundee trainer telling him very clearly not to do it again or the game would be abandoned. Frankly, I'd have been relieved if it had been.

David C.