Tuesday, 25 November 2008


Just before the 2003 Scottish Cup final, Dundee introduced new shirt sponsors - Magners.
What happened next was a cautionary tale in Dees history that mirrored what someone goes through when they fall victim to the demon drink.
It all started off fine, the Club enjoying a taste of the Cup final. Then a round of European games was making it even more pleasurable, and now starting to get a bit merry. Still keeping the high going, the Club are involved in another Euro round, getting a bit drunk on success at this stage. But this time it was one round too many. The Club couldn't handle it. As the fun disappears, the habit kicks in. To try and get the high back again, the Club now need to borrow money to feed the habit. Loans keep the Club ticking over for a short while but no highs with it. It gets indulgent, then out of control. Desperation sets in and the situation worsens as the Club now start to sell their valuables to survive. Then the inevitable happens...relegation, and one hell of a hangover to recover from. The Club seek counselling for help. The Club lose a lot of friends but there are still some charitable people who are willing to help. The Club is in seriously bad shape and go through a period of Deetox. After a lot of care and attention the Club are helped back on their feet again.
Photo by DC Thomson.

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