Thursday, 13 November 2008


Dundee FC have one of the first ever examples of what happens when football & music get together to make pop records.
In 1962 the Hector Nicol single called "The Dundee Song" was released in which all of Dundee's team get a mention in the lyrics as a tribute to them becoming Scottish League Champions. Hector, however, was an entertainer, not a footballer and there were no players involved in the recording.
In 1964 up popped Hammy & The Hamsters, a group formed entirely of Dundee players. Alex (Hammy) Hamilton, Kenny Cameron, Andy Penman, Alex Stuart, Hugh Robertson & Craig Brown. All were first team players at the time. They performed on stage locally as well as recorded. In April 1964 they came out with a pop single called "My dream came true" on 7 inch vinyl, which is now extremely rare. Needless to say it sold mostly in Dundee and surrounding area only.
Here below is a short excerpt from the track including Hamster Craig Brown explaining how the group originated.
I'm not 100% certain but I think they may be miming on the clip below...see what you reckon!!


kate said...

murdie wallace was my grandfather and i never knew he had a record label wow!!!

Fred Martin said...

That's me playing the guitar on that record. There's a picture of Hammy and the Hamsters performing their song in front of the JM band at

Steve Smith said...

Recorded at the Toc H studios

Unknown said...

Think it should be re released