Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Argentinian, Fabian Caballero, was a stocky, strong, skillful striker who's first game for Dundee was in July 2000. A favourite with Dee fans, he was affectionately known as "Fab Cab", and was one of the few players to have his own individual chant.
He played a total of 117 games and scored 27 goals.
However, below is one of Caballero's goals that didn't count. The game against Hibs on 2 Feb 2003 was abandoned due to a blizzard.
You can also hear the supporters singing the Caballero chant after he scores.
Included in the video is Fabian leaving Dens after a selection of players were sacked when DFC went into administration in November 2003. He did, however, return a short while later for a 2nd stint with the club that lasted up till 2005.
Photo by DC Thomson.

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