Friday, 20 February 2009


A small section of Dee supporters at Dens in 2001.
Dundee's glamour and glitz was not only getting big coverage in the football pages by this time but the club was also being featured in style magazines such as GQ.
A quote from back then that summed the up the fun and excitement Caniggia & co were creating was "There hasn't been a buzz like this in Dundee since The Beatles played Caird Hall in 1964."


Anonymous said...

i was in the picture featured in that gq edition! the game was against celtic, neil lennons debut no less, i am a celtic fan and was there with my late great and massive dundee fc supporter donald. i don't have a copy of the magazine and cant find any reference to the article anywhere online. would love it if you had it?


You'll find the GQ article about the Dee in the June 2001 issue. It's a special Hollywood edition.
Perhaps you can get it from Ebay or suchlike.

Anonymous said...

cheers for the heads up on the edition it was in, will check out ebay etc