Sunday, 9 August 2009


This chant cropped up around the terraces in 1973. The "Nice One ..." song came about when Totenham Hotspur released a record by Cockerel Chorus called "Nice One Cyril" which got into the pop charts. The single being a tribute to Spurs legend, Cyril Knowles. The tune caught on around the country and would be chanted at matches when a player in your team scored. The crowd would just replace Cyril with the name of the scorer.
For my wee Karaoke demonstration below, I have chosen Jocky Scott (sitting), who was Dundee's top scorer in 1973/74 when it was sung at Dens.
Incidentally, ex Dee, Alan Gilzean was still playing for Spurs in 1973 when the single charted, although I don't know if he sang on the record.
Anybody spot him on Top Of The Pops?
The tune also featured in a tv commercial sometime later.

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lastbus said...

Also nice shot of a very young looking John Duncan who also made his way down south to Spurs who had better scorring record than Gillie there at a goal for every two games played.