Tuesday, 11 August 2009


This was one of those games that has since gone on to become part of DFC's history pages.
The match at Ibrox was played during Dundee's title winning season of 1961/62 - 11th November '61 to be exact - the result...Rangers 1 v 5 Dundee.
Apart from the amazing scoreline, two other aspects from the game will be remembered, the thick fog and Alan Gilzean getting 4 of the goals.
No need for me to write the details of the game here though when you can watch it yourselves below. To put you in the picture, however, there was no scoring in the first half so it's the second half action highlights. Unfortunately, the Dees 5th goal by Penman no longer exists, but Gillie's 4 more than makes up for it!
You can also click onto the programme above to read the large version.

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The Programme Collector said...

Excellent stuff - I have that programme, although the one you've posted is in decidedly better condition!