Saturday, 29 May 2010


I've put a few items up on the Shrine relating to Dundee's games against AC Milan in the 1963 European Cup semi final, so I won't bother going over the match details again.
Instead I thought it was about time to show the Dees goals.
First is the Cousin goal in the San Siro ; followed by Gilzean's goal at Dens.
Lap it up!!


HVAC Man said...

Yeah, even I love to watch the matches. But I have just heard of this but not seen as I was not born at that time.

Fintry Jack said...

Well I was born and I remember it well ,, oh it was such a privilege to be a dundee supporter, and it was this reason why, without any disparagement, I always wondered would anyone be a United supporter?

Anonymous said...

The first game in Milan was a travesty. I was at the return at Dens when Gillie was sent off for the one and only time in his career. What a side we had then !

Anonymous said...

Was Bobby Cox and Hugh Robertson injured for the first leg in Milan?