Wednesday, 1 October 2008

30,000 AT DENS - 1974

The last time there were over 30,000 at Dens Park was on 18th March 1974. It was a Scottish Cup Quarter Final replay against Hibs. Dees winning 3-0. I remember going in at the Sandeman Street turnstiles to go to my usual Derry enclosure spot. The crowd was so densely packed that I physically couldn't move any further than the Provie Road end, and so had to settle for watching the game behind the goal. Jocky Scott was on top form that night, but unfortunately, all 3 goals were scored at the TC Keay end..!! Some night though.
The photo above from the match shows Thomson Allan jumping for joy with all the action down at the other end of the park.
Photo by The Scotsman.Tints by GG.


Craig said...

I was there - it was electric!

Anonymous said...

So was i.The Dee were wonderful and swept a top Hibs team off the park.
We can do that again.