Monday, 13 October 2008


The dictionary defines the word "Biff" as - "to hit something very hard", and that's exactly how Dundee fullback, Dave Johnston, got his nickname, because he had one hell of a shot on him. Despite the fact he was a defender, he would often go off on his overlapping runs down the wing and have a crack at goal. Infact, in the 1971/72 season, he thundered in 6 goals, which is pretty good going for a left-back.
Biff morphed into his nickname,Biffo, which in turn became the chant "Biffo The Bear", after the well known Beano comic star.
His "personalised" chant began when a kids pop record by Jackie Lee called "Rupert the Bear" hit the charts in 1971, and as you will find out on the karaoke video below, the song couldn't be simpler.

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