Thursday, 9 October 2008


In the days before shirt sponsors, when jerseys were just mono coloured (apart from the collars & cuffs), this was the first design to break away from the traditional single coloured top. When it appeared in the 1972/73 season, the novelty of it earned it the nickname of the "penguin strip", because of the white flash under the length of the arm and torso.
I always thought it was dead smart though, so much so that I bought a replica and wore it all the time at P.E. in school. Sadly, I was wearing it one evening just mucking aboot and I ripped it on a wire fence and had to chuck it in the bin!
Here below is a bit of action from 73 with the Dee in their penguin strip playing Ayr Utd, who are wearing the same design but in reverse.

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